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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Me and the Man

Guess which one is me? 

This is a screen grab from View From the Vault I, live at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh PA, July ?? 1990.  There's a funny story about my trip to that show that I can tell.

It was the Summer after my junior year at PSU, three friends and I travelled down to Louisville Kentucky for the Grateful Dead show there with plans to head back north to Pittsburgh for the next show and then ending up back at Penn State afterwards. 

Well, what we didn't know was that this was the tour that ended any type of camping out in the parking lots after the shows.  And the Louisville event staff were particularly bad ass at that show, with rumors of close to 100 deadheads crammed into the holding cells under the stadium waiting for arrest for various infractions.  Well we were mercifully spared any problems inside the concert, but we didn't know that about three hours after the venue closed, the local cops completely cleared out the lots with megaphones, with the general message of "You don't have to go home but you can't stay here," and threatening to arrest anyone that remained any longer.  Now remember this was pretty unheard of at the time and certainly unexpected by us. 

We were exhausted, more than a little fucked up, and generally not ready for the road.  So we made it as far away as we could, pulled over someplace we hoped was out of the way enough, and crashed for a couple hours to regenerate.

to be continued...


At 6:11 PM, Blogger Helen said...

Nice to see you! Thanks for touching base. I knew about my blog......bummer. I never took the initiative to get it back going. Moved to Facebook. I'm sure that's a shocker!
When bloglines closed down, I never got another feed either. So they are also a co-conspirator in my move to FB! Ha!
Do you hang out there at all? There are some pretty decent Dead pages.


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