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This blog will post reviews of some of the live concerts I've attended, downloaded, or otherwise obtained through the years I've been collecting music. If available online I'll post links to where you can find the recording yourself.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Warlocks Brand - Finest Quality!

I was gifted this box for being a groomsman at my great friend Kevin's wedding, last October 9th.  Such a wonderful present, especially poigniant for me since I was actually at this show and have such wonderful memories of the experience (see my earlier post for more details).  Since, like most Deadheads, I've long had wonderful sounding soundboard copies of these shows, I only just recently tranferred the files to my iPod in order to give it a listen.  WOW did it bring back memories.  I don't know what magic they weaved, but these two shows, along with my recent listening party with some of the new Eourope 72 tour that was recently released, sound so freaking good it has really made me change my opinion on the official releases.  I've been listening to soundboards and audience recordings for so long I've forgotten how great an official release can sound.  Due to the fact that I know these shows backwards and forwards from listening so many times, I can really hear the difference in these new remasters.  Charlie Miller may be the greatest at what he does, but GDP sure knows how to release a show.


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