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Thursday, June 29, 2006

My Father's Day present

For Father's Day this year my dad got me a new Ipod. It's a 30gb video Ipod, which is a pretty nice upgrade from the one I currently have, which is a 20gb model without video capabilities. The first thing I did was to figure out how to rip DVDs I own, convert them to a format the Ipod can read, and then get them on there so I can watch in bed while my wife is sleeping ;) This entailed using a program to bypass the copy protection on most DVDs, which is breaking federal laws, which in my opinion is a bunch of BS. I spent good money on these things and should be able to watch them on any piece of equipment I want to, including my new Ipod video. Anyway, it's easy enough to get around the copy protection and any feds reading this can kiss my big white ass.

My next project is transferring the Dead shows I downloaded from the LMA off my old Ipod onto my new one. This is such a pain in the ass you wouldn't believe it. I have to use another program called Ephpod in order to access the music on my old Ipod, transfer it to my hard drive, then plug in my new Ipod and add the files. I tried to do it all in one big batch and for some goddamn reason it only decided to copy some files and not all of them, which left me with a bunch of incomplete shows, which is totally unacceptable to my OCD. So now I am doing each show individually and doublechecking to ensure everything is copied properly, which is taking me a crazy amount of time. All this is exacerbated by my super slow dinosaur computer that only has about 2gb of memory free, so I am having to do this all about 1.5 gb at a time. A huge hassle. It will be worth it in the end, and all this attention I am paying to my GD collection should result in at least one or two new Retroreviews for you all to enjoy in the near future.


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