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This blog will post reviews of some of the live concerts I've attended, downloaded, or otherwise obtained through the years I've been collecting music. If available online I'll post links to where you can find the recording yourself.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Amazon.Com offers 50% off all Grateful Dead DVD movies

I thought I'd post another quick note to let you know that is offering 50% off all Grateful Dead DVD movies for a limited time. Now would be an opportune moment to pick up any of the ones you might be missing from your movie library. For example, the newest release, Truckin' Up to Buffalo, is going for the ridiculously low price of $12.47. Dead Ahead, recently released on DVD, is also offered at $12.47. The Grateful Dead Movie and the Closing of Winterland are both going for fifteen bucks each. The best deal is on the collections, of which there are two. View From the Vault 1-3 are offered of a total price of 34.97, a great deal. Or you can pick up Downhill From Here, Ticket to New Year's, and View From the Vault 1 for the same low price of 34.97. These sets usually go for over seventy bucks. Normally you won't find me shilling for or any other huge conglomerate on this site, but these deals are too good to pass up and I wouldn't wan't anyone in the blogging community to miss out on these bargains.


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